Our Little Charity Canada is a grassroots humanitarian organziation born in the hearts of Canadian volunteers. Inspired by God’s love for humanity, we are driven by a passion to value the most vulnerable. Today our focus is on the child needing a life impacting medical intervention surgery. We find these precious children through collaboration with our Kenyan agency, Kisima International, an official Kenyan charity. They identify those who ‘fall through the cracks’ and have no other options.

Our vision is to restore the physical health of the child, giving them the chance to grow up to their full potential. We have seen the effect on the child’s mind, emotions and spirit as well as the ripple effect to their family and community. Hope is powerful.

Achieving charitable status (#80716 5345 RR0001) in 2006, and then known as Compassion Works International, we set about enabling individuals and communities in Kenya to achieve spiritual, economic, social, and physical well-being.


Dental Clinic and Lab

Vacation Bible School

Agriculture projects

Community development



Medical – deworming, medical intervention and emergency surgeries

As a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, OLCC is approved to give Canadians receipts for donations. OLCC is also approved to help in any country of the world in these ways, which are part of our mission and purpose:

1)To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing food, shelter, medical facilities, medical treatment and basic supplies to persons in need

2)To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing facilities, related equipment and supplies for, and access to, education and occupation training for persons in need

3)To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing residential facilities, ongoing care and a stable living environment for needy orphans, homeless and neglected children

4)To improve on public health in developing nations by educating and instructing the public on prevention of, and curative measures for, health problems and by researching and documenting changes in the health of the community and by providing medical and dental treatment

5)To improve the quality of drinking water in developing nations by constructing wells and water treatment, irrigation and sewage treatment systems


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