Donor Stories



These are just a few of the stories from Our Little Charity Canada donor families:

Special Thanks to Charlotte & Gerry Landsman who suggested that friends and family could make a donation to Our Little Charity Canada in lieu of a gift for their 50th Wedding Anniversary! Their thoughtful request along with the generosity of many resulted in a total of $705.00 donated!!! The money raised will be put towards foot surgery for Serah (pictured below)


“As we approach mid November and all the Christmas fanfare and stuff starts appearing in the stores, I am reminded of a very special Christmas for our family last year. Instead of receiving a gift from our mom – we pooled the money she would have given us and instead sponsored a surgery through Our Little Charity. Since we didn’t quite have enough funds to support the surgery, my two best friends and I decided to use the money we would have used on each other and donated it as well. Some further financial gifts were also given as my friends decided to donate a gift on behalf of others. Little did we know how God was going to use that gift to bless not one but two children. Our original sponsored child was Anne – but God determined to heal this little girl’s growth in her throat. And so instead we got to give the funds to James. And after his surgery we were able to be blessed further by providing him with a bike. As wonderful as it was to see this young boy’s life change and become better physically, emotionally and spiritually – it was the gift that we ourselves received in being willing to give that has blessed me so much. And so it is with great anticipation and excitement that we are looking forward to doing this again this Christmas. The money is being gathered as we speak and knowing that a child’s life will be forever changed brings tears to my eyes (and the rest of us) that we get to do this again. I would encourage others to consider doing this in honour of someone who matters to you – as a group Christmas gift – or a fundraiser through your job or social circle. Get together and be the reason why a child has a 2nd chance at a good life. It will change your heart forever!” – Darlene Wirch
James After
James after his surgery



Darlene Wirch and Family